About Angie

Currently, Angie’s art is on display at Full Circle in Calgary, as well as her private studio. If interested, Angie would be thrilled to meet you to present her artwork for viewing. Click here to get in touch.

Calgary artist Angie Hill, has always been obsessed with creating unique portraiture. She has had opportunities to display and sell landscapes, florals, figurative and abstract paintings through the Webster gallery in Calgary and the Marika Gallery in Banff.

Angie Hill is an "eclectic" artist, creating contemporary landscapes, murals, commissioned watercolor and oil portraits, illustrations for children’s books and magazines, posters for theatre events. She is diverse in her mediums which include oil, acrylic, gold leaf, watercolor, and charcoal.

Angie enjoys painting from life, Plein air of the Calgary foothills and the surrounding area, mostly large contemporary pieces in mixed media and oil.

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Angie Hill - Artist