Angie Hill will create a unique portrait or painting for you to your specifications, either from life, or photo. It is a matter of contacting the artist and working together to decide what will work in your painting. E-mail Angie at or call her at 403 714 6989.

If the painting is to be created from life, the client will sit for a two hour session, and will need to be still through the process. If it is to be from photographic reference, the artist can work from existing photos, or take them beforehand.

Once there is an agreement as to the subject matter, and which photos will be used, the next step is taken- the drawing process. Angie will create a drawing to size, and you will be able to see your composition in pencil, with most of the details applied. If there are changes that need to be made, that is the next step. There is no charge for changes made at this time.

Once the drawing is to your satisfaction, half the non- refundable payment is made, and the painting process will get started. The portrait is usually complete within 4-8 weeks. Then you are given a viewing of your artwork, and any minor changes can then be made. The actual likeness of your loved one is guaranteed. If you find that the likeness is not there, Angie will work on the painting until it looks exactly as it does in the photo.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of art that is a landscape, floral, still life, or a mural, please contact the artist for pricing.  Rental of artwork for staging purposes also available.


Angie Hill Portraiture

12 x 16

One person                           300


16 x 20  

One person                           430

Two people                           600

Three people                         760


18 x 24

One person                            560

Two people                            730

Three people                          900

Four people                            1080


20 x 28  

One person                             680

Two person                            860

Three person                         1030

Four people                            1200